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Are you exactly where you want to be?

Have you reached your full potential?

If you’re like most of us, the answer is probably no. 

Are you willing to take the steps you need to live a life you love?

Then the time is NOW to take action. Let me show you how.

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Angela Corley

Hi, I am Angela, a holistic business consultant, mother of two, and living a life I love.

When you, as the leader of your business, don’t make the necessary shifts in your business and in yourself, your growth, personally and professionally, will be painful and frustratingly slow.

Here at Architect of Abundance​, you will learn exactly how to overcome these challenges to grow your business and maintain your sanity.

10+ years of experience as a business owner
100's of individuals supported with their careers and business start up

How it works?

It's really easy to work with me and get immediate results.


Discover who you are and start living it on purpose


Unlock the pleasure and find what truly lights you up


Develop your blueprint to your
unique path to profit

It's Never Too Late To Change Your World

This is no magic pill.

It will take work and time but,

it is worth it and necessary to build the momentum required to succeed at this stage.

The key is that I know the way and I will help you every step of the way.

You will become the type of leader that you want to become.

You will have the time and financial freedom you need.

You will be able to be present with your loved ones.

You will be living the life you had hoped for.


Not a magic pill, but here are the results our clients typically experience…

Angela is a great Holistic Business Coach! I just started my business and Angela gave me a lot of advice in regards to marketing and finances. She also helped me to identify my strengths, to outline how success looks like for me and came up with steps how to get there. I definitely will contact her again when needed. I will recommend her anytime! Thanks very much!


As with anyone who has taken the leap to start something new I have had so many light bulb moments along the way and still continue to have them both with myself and with clients I work with. Alongside the business stuff I have also seen improvements in my health and I have been able to overcome many lifelong fears: of the dark, of heights, of failure, of not being a good enough mother and I gained confidence in public speaking. The benefits of this work were more than I ever thought possible.


Time to Take Action

Maybe you feel too busy right now to invest time in developing yourself and your team. Client demands can be relentless.

Perhaps you think it would be better to begin this journey in a few months when things settle down.

You know perfectly well that things never really settle down.

This is the time to act.

Come and learn how to get more time back to work on your business and not just in it.

We can help you catch the breath of fresh air and the energy needed to move forward.

Perhaps right now cash is tight and there is no room for further investment.

We get that. That is one of the common symptoms of people at this stage of business.

So I have intentionally priced my offerings to allow you to choose the path that is right for you, right now.

So, don’t put off the growth of your business and your peace of mind any longer.

Join the Architect of Abundance family now to lay the foundations for your future success.

Reach your goals and be successful

You get to decide